Rabbit & Cavy Rare Emerging Breed Society (RACREBS)

Velveteen LopLunkarya Cavy

Rabbits: Lionhead    Velvet Lion    Lion Lop    Velveteen Lop    Mini Plush Lop    Astrex Micro Rex

Cavies: Swiss    Rex    Lunkarya    Argente    Magpie    Ridgeback   Belted    Slate    Skinny Pig    Baldwin    Merino    Alpaca    Texel    Coronet



We exist to promote and develop interest in new and rare breeds of Rabbits and Cavies around the world.

We want to provide a fun and educational environment for fanciers of these wonderful animals and to also help educate the general public and bring awareness since some of these awesome breeds are near extinction or struggling.

We would like to welcome you to join in this venture and make this club great!

President of RACREBS, Mrs. Kimberly Sams

2011 Stage Dragon