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What is an Astrex?
It was once an olden variety of the rex rabbit breed ~ ~ a curly/wavy coated rex furred bunny. I found hint, of a rumor, that they were once bred many years ago in France before the turn of the 19th century. There is no proof of this. The "Rex" mutation itself, is recorded to have first appeared in 1919 in France. Astrex was a Rex variety under development in England in the 1930s and 1940s, but died out.

What has happened to them?
Astrex Rabbits, curly wavy rex, are nearly completely extinct... with only a very rare few "sport" mutations still occurring very rarely in certain stock. The rate occurrence is probably less than 1 percent of the entire world rabbit population as a whole. The most valuable Astrex rabbits that could be found was imported to America in 1945 for GREATER and FARTHER development of the genes, and somehow between then and now, wonderful curly rex rabbits were allowed to nearly parish into extinction.

Why are Astrex Rabbits near complete extinction?
Because since 1945, when Marcellus Meek, imported the very best to America for farther development, something happened in his life that we are not yet sure of, and Astrex have been nearly completely lost until about 6 years ago when I unknowingly, (at that time), had picked up the remnant reins of his dream... to save Curly Rex Rabbits as a breed... to see that Curly Wavy Bunnies would thrive.

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