Rabbit & Cavy Rare Emerging Breed Society (RACREBS)

Velveteen LopLunkarya Cavy

Rabbits: Lionhead    Velvet Lion    Lion Lop    Velveteen Lop    Mini Plush Lop    Astrex Micro Rex

Cavies: Swiss    Rex    Lunkarya    Argente    Magpie    Ridgeback   Belted    Slate    Skinny Pig    Baldwin    Merino    Alpaca    Texel    Coronet


How to Send in Classifieds:

Classifieds cost $5 per month, just copy & paste the email form below and send it along with PayPal payment to kimberly@stagedragon.com The classifieds are for more commercial type listings, equipment, cages, grooming supplies, feed supplies, etc.

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