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Carol Miller: Breed Sponsor

Produced by Brenda McNaughton 1999

Group 1: Solids             Group 2: Marked

Type:                        15
Ears:                         20
Eyes:                        10
Condition:                 10
Texture:                    15
Color:                         5
Wrinkles/Folds:         25

Total Points:            100

Type- Points 15: Baldwins are to have medium body length
with plenty of depth to shoulders and hindquarters.  Head is to
be wide with fair length.   Note: Juniors and Intermediates are
not to be faulted for potty belly appearance.

Ears- Points 20: Ears should be shapely and slightly drooping
but not fallen, large and free of hair giving a rose petal effect.

Eyes- Points 10: Large, full & bright.  Pink, ruby cast, dark,
black, red or blue.

Condition- Points 10: Firm body condition.

Texture- Points 15: The Baldwin is to have the texture of rubber
( feeling like rubber when the eyes of the judge are closed).  
Skin is to be healthy in appearance.

Wrinkles/Folds- Points 25: The Baldwin is to have wrinkles
and folds on the head, shoulders and legs.  The head wrinkles
are to have a line down the center with wrinkles forming around
it.  Shoulder wrinkles are deep, rump smooth.

Group 1- Solids: Solids to be judged on evenness of color,
allowing for darkened points as exposed skin normally is darker
than skin which is covered by hair.  

Group 2- Marked: Dalmatian, Himalayan, Broken, Dutch.  
Marking to match marked description in standard.

Faults: Hair appearing on the feet (up to hocks) or possessing
chin whiskers.  Scaring. (Severe Fault)

DQS: Lacking wrinkles on the head, hair on any part of the
body other than on feet or chin whiskers, hair on legs, whiskers
in cheek whisker beds, flesh spots in ears of darks, flesh spots
on feet of dark solids, white toes on dark solids.  

Judging Notes: Shoulder wrinkles/folds should be handled
and manipulated to display to their best advantage.  

2011 Stage Dragon